ADS-B Receivers Setup

OzRunways for iOS supports ABS-B receivers that connect via WiFi and use the GDL90 protocol. All Australian and New Zealand subscriptions are compatible.

Connecting to your ADS-B receiver
Connect your iPad or iPhone to the ADS-B receiver in the iPad's Settings → WiFi.
(Note: The "No Internet Connection" warning is normal)

If you have confirmed that you are connected to the ADS-B receiver via WiFi and it is still not working follow these steps:

  1. Open OzRunways and go to Settings → Device Options. Ensure that "Enable GDL90/Stratux/Flightbox" is switched on.

  2. If you have a Stratus 3, Dynon DRX, or uAvionix Ping it will appear in the Settings menu underneath "Device Options". Tap to view device statistics including the number of currently visible ADS-B aircraft.

  1. Your iDevice can only be connected to one WiFi network at a time. If you usually "hotspot" internet from another source (such as a phone) you may not be able to do this concurrently, unless you can connect to the hotspot using Bluetooth instead.

Viewing ADS-B traffic in OzRunways
On the map page, ADS-B traffic is displayed just like regular OzRunways traffic but in a darker shade of blue.