Creating User Waypoints

To create User Waypoints in RWY:

Tap screen on point of interest.
For example over Normanville.
The Closest Waypoints pop up will appear.
The first option will be “USR” for user. It will display the coordinates of the place on the screen where you tapped.

Select this option.
The New Waypoint pop up will appear.
In this pop up you are able to give the point a Code and/or Name.
Note: Code and Name were developed for airfields. If adding a town as a waypoint simply put the name of the town in the Code box, and leave the Name box empty.

At this point you have the option to Save, Direct To, or Add to Plan.
• Save – Will save the waypoint. It can now be used in plans and will remain on maps.
• Direct To – Will create a plan Direct To your user waypoint.
• Add to Plan - This will add waypoint to a plan in progress (not a direct to function).
Note: If you select Direct To or Add to Plan with out saving the waypoint, then it will be deleted when plan is cancelled or completed.

User Waypoint will now be shown on the map.

Resulting display for Save, Direct To, and Add To Plan respectively.

If User Waypoint not shown check they are enabled in the Left hand side Overlay.