RWY Airfield Favourites

To add airfields to a quick access Favourites Bar follow these steps.
On the screen tap the Airfields Page:
The airfields list will be displayed. You can either scroll through this list to your desired airfield or use the search function, which is activated by pressing the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner.

Press on the name of the airfield you wish to view.

Note: If available the ERSA FAC page will be shown. To access other documents relating to that airfield (Aerodrome charts, SIDs, etc) press the folder button in the top right hand corner.

When the airfield chart you wish to save to favourites is shown, simply press the “+” button and choose one of the five places available on the favourites bar.

The airfield chart will now be saved to your favourites list for quick access in flight.

If you already have 5 favourites saved, don’t fret!

You can replace previously saved airfields with new ones. Follow the process as above and when choosing which of the 5 spots to save the new airfield, simply tap an airfield you no longer need to be replaced. No need to delete first!