RWY How to file a flight plan with NAIPS

Once you have completed your flight plan:
Select the Information icon.

In the resulting pop up select File.

This will bring you to the NAIPS Flight Notification Screen.
Check that you are logged in.
Note: If you are logged in "Submit" will be shown in the top right hand corner. If you are not "Sign In" will be displayed.

Fill out NAIPS Flight Notification Form as normal.
Waypoint, altitude, and speed information will be filled automatically to correspond with the values you entered into the plan sheet and performance parameters.
When finished press Submit.

This Pop up with your Flight Notification information will be displayed.

When you press close you will be displayed this screen, from which you can print your flight notification.

To view your submitted Flight Notification at a later time:

From the Maps Page press the Context button on the top right hand corner.

Select Filed Plans

Then Select the plan you wish to view from the list.

Flight Plan details will be shown