Refund Policy

OzRunways refund policy is compliant with the Australian consumer law. This policy applies to private users (corporate users refer to your agreement with OzRunways) and is as follows:

The OzRunways Apps (either on Android or iOS, i.e. OzRunways or RWY respectively) as provided as is, free of charge. The apps are intended to be 'functionality level 1' as defined by CASA. The Aeronautical Data within each app is the element which your subscription pays for.

Ancillary App features may change from time to time and features differ between iOS and Android operating systems. The only functionality which your subscription is paying for is the 'core functionality' of the app, which is access to and displaying of aeronautical information inside the app in accordance with your subscription (the level 1 functionality).

OzRunways will provide refunds where either the Android or iOS app is defective in its core functionality only (that is, where we fail to provide you with access to the aeronautical information commensurate with your subscription).

OzRunways will not provide refunds where a customer is not satisfied with the features of the app or where app features are changed so long as the core functionality of the app is maintained. OzRunways will not provide refunds where less than 12 months access is desired - all subscriptions are sold as pre-paid 12 month subscriptions.

OzRunways provides a free one month trial to users prior to requiring payment for services and customers should use this opportunity to familiarise themselves with the app before making a purchase as refunds will not be provided where a customer has changed their mind.

Where a customer seeks greater than class 1 functionality, a written agreement must be made with OzRunways prior to purchasing a subscription which explicitly states the functionality required (additional subscription fees may apply).

Inadvertent Double Payment

Some times customers accidentally pay twice for the same subscription (e.g. through apple as well as the website, or buy two products with the same features, or on multiple accounts). Where this occurs we will either refund the overpayment or extend your subscriptions by the pro-rata amount.