Dynon SkyView

Australian VFR Data is now available for Dynon SkyView units with any OzRunways Premium subscription. To access the Dynon Data downloads:
Head to www.OzRunways.com → Select "My Account" → Login with your OzRunways Username → And click on the "Dynon Data" tab.

Database Installation Instructions:

To load the database into your Dynon SkyView, complete the following steps:

  1. Copy the downloaded .dup file to your Dynon USB drive
  2. Insert the USB drive into the SkyView unit
  3. Press and hold the right-most two buttons (7 and 8) until the setup screen appears
  4. Select Enter Full Screen Setup Menu... and press the right knob to confirm
  5. Select System Software
  6. Select Load Files...
  7. Select the downloaded file, press Load and yes to confirm.
  8. After this process completes, exit setup to return to the main SkyView screen.

Note that the airspace, waypoint and airfield overlay will not display when the HybridVFR or other downloaded map layer is displayed, please select only the terrain layer. Regardless of layers selected, the database will always be available for use in flight plans or direct-to.

Map Installation Instructions:

To load the maps into your Dynon SkyView, complete the following steps:

  1. Unzip the downloaded file
  2. Copy both the map and key file from the zip to your Dynon USB drive
  3. Insert the USB drive into the Dynon SkyView unit
  4. Select Map → Layers → and enable the desired map layer

Note the USB drive must remain plugged in to use the map; they are not copied to the SkyView internal storage!


If the maps DON'T appear on the SkyView:

  • Make sure your SkyView is running the latest firmware from Dynon.
  • If you bought your SkyView before 2016 you may need to purchase from Dynon the US$200 navigation upgrade (to show maps), plus GPS antenna. https://www.dynonavionics.com/gps-navigation-mapping.php Give Dynon a call to discuss what you may need.
  • Make sure the USB stick stays in the SkyView. It doesn't copy over the maps to the SkyView device.
  • Double check your map and .key file aren't in any folders.
  • Make sure the .key file has no spaces in it. For example:

Dynon_2106.key [good]
Dynon_2106.key (1).key [bad]

  • Make sure the .key file doesn't have any sneaky .txt file name extensions (The Dynon won't find it):

Dynon_2106.key [good]
Dynon_2106.key.txt [bad]

Note: sometimes Windows/Macs can hide filename extensions so it might look like .key but it has a hidden .txt on the end.

  • Try downloading the map & key file again from the My Account section of our website. It may be a corrupt download or you could have removed the USB stick from your computer without properly ejecting it, possibly corrupting some data.

  • Ensure you have an Aviation Obstacle and Terrain database (even just the free US version) downloaded on your SkyView, as these databases unlock the Map button on the SkyView. https://www.dynonavionics.com/us-aviation-obstacle-data.php

Dynon require your USB to be formatted to "FAT32". 
They've also reported problems with Sandisk USBs which will be rectified in v16
of the SkyView software.

If you're still having troubles, please contact us here at help.ozrunways.com.