Adding Weather Cameras

If you'd like to add your weather camera to our system so it shows up on the map in Oz RWY on iOS and Android, please send an email to with the details:

  • The URL(s) - These must remain the same with only the image associated updating. For example no date & time group in the URL.
  • Orientation (north, south, east, west, etc.)
  • Update frequency
  • Hours of operation
  • Owner of the camera
  • Permission from the owner for the camera to be used by us.

If you're looking to create a weather camera service for your airfield you have several options:
1. Contact Brent at With camera packages available he can help you get setup and add your camera to the Australian Weather Cam Network. Your camera will be added to OzRunways automatically.
2. Buy a commercial solution and tell us the URLs, etc as above.
3. Build your own solution: Use an old computer or Raspberry pi, connect a (web)camera via USB and upload the images to your favorite web service. Tell us about the URL. You don't need to tell anyone else, we will do the distribution.

Note that using a digital stills camera with electronic shutter may give better results than video oriented webcams, especially at night.