OzRunways v10.4

OzRunways EFB v10.4.3

  • Improved reliability of QNH hud box reading
  • Improved GPS status reliability
  • Improved password autofill flow on main login screen
  • Fixed an issue that caused traffic to stop working when using unicode in callsign
  • Fixed: files now open correctly on cold app start
  • Updated LSALT assistant to require start and end waypoints of a leg to be inside a supported region
  • Non aerodrome/ALA/HLS waypoints now fill in as ZZZZ for DEST, DEP and ALTN in NAIPS flight notification
  • Add error code to Downloads page when index file fails to download
  • Regions under downloads page now listed in order of data query importance
  • Fixed an issue on NAIPS form where selecting 'International' would also change stage at the same time
  • General stability improvements

OzRunways EFB v10.4.2

  • Added new options to insert a waypoint above or below on Plan Details view
  • Fixed an issue where NZ LSALT assistant could fail if global database was active
  • Fixed a potential stability issue for drop down menus
  • Fixed a potential stability issue that may occur after importing a KMZ file
  • General stability fixes

OzRunways EFB v10.4.1

  • Fixed an iOS 12/13 stability issue when backing up user database
  • Fixed a visual issue where deselect appeared not to work in various form drop down cells, and a fix for not showing multiple columns
  • Fixed: plan drawn on map now updates when moving a custom waypoint
  • Added loading and error displays to region selector during onboarding
  • Fixed a rounding issue for DDMMSS on cursor
  • General stability improvements

OzRunways EFB v10.4.0

  • Revamped Radar/Windy/Satview screen: full support for iPhone, zoom in & out, play/pause controls for the BoM weather radar
  • Updated Avidyne SDK for iOS 15
  • Terrain Overlay now goes back to ground mode after dismissing the LSALT assistant
  • LSALT assistant is now available in New Zealand
  • Fixed: incorrect distance displayed on HSI
  • Fixed issue where airfields book menu could loose sections on a reload
  • Improved reliability of regions list in onboarding. Selection is now limited to those available for the subscription
  • Apple Maps overlay now supports track up rotation
  • Improved map screen stability
  • OzRunways now copies (instead of moving/removing) files from the Files app when importing
  • Radial Range waypoints are now treated as custom waypoints when adding or editing a range ring
  • If loading user data fails the first time it will now try again on app resume, also added a retry button to the error prompt
  • Removed old map layout
  • General stability improvements