OzRunways v10.3

OzRunways EFB v10.3.6

  • PDF Pack filename now includes: Date, Origin + Dest, Rego
  • Airfield documents/plates now print left-aligned instead of centred
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Clipboard not showing/hiding when viewing an airfield document
  • Improved reliability of the "Backup All User Data" function
  • Fixed a stability issue that could occur when downloading data on old/slow devices

OzRunways EFB v10.3.5

  • Fixed duplicate traffic bubbles on map issue
  • Archive All Aircraft now uses the system share sheet (7308283d)
  • Fixed ScratchPad not printing when it's the only item in PDF Pack
  • Fixed a stability issue on the Airfields page that could happen when selecting a favourite
  • Fixed a stability issue that could occur when printing the fuel plan with invalid values

OzRunways EFB v10.3.4

  • Improvements to the display and refresh of traffic icons
  • Improvements to Terrain rendering (iOS 14+)
  • Group airfield documents to RNAV/RNP with new title format
  • 'Clear Tile Cache' also deletes cached terrain tiles
  • Fixed an issue where the bearing line wouldn't update immediately after sequencing
  • Fixed a stability issue in W&B configuration when deleting a row while editing another
  • Fixed a stability issue that could occur when tapping on multiple pop up buttons at once on Airfields
  • Fixed a stability issue when selecting terrain LSALT icons on old map screen layout
  • Fixed a stability issue in background downloads
  • Fixed Airfields page not switching PDF → HTML document

OzRunways EFB v10.3.3

  • Added ScratchPad option to PDF Pack Feature
  • Traffic slightly prioritise newer hits over older DR tracks
  • Fix to allow LSALT splays to be shown on iOS 12
  • Added ability to remove prices from fuel bowser listings
  • Improved speed and stability for weather overlay
  • Fixed an issue where track history might not show up
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when exporting aircraft profiles
  • General stability improvements

OzRunways EFB v10.3.2

  • Fixed an issue that could cause track history crumbs to be drawn incorrectly
  • Airfields page: When viewing a document, the drop down Document List now updates on open
  • Fixed the colour of the Settings Page navigation bar (iPhone)
  • Fixed an issue where the track line could draw incorrectly for some long plans

OzRunways EFB v10.3.1

  • Downloads System: a message will be shown if OzRunways hasn't been able to check for database updates for more than 7 days (36hrs on company/organisation accounts)
  • Fixed: altitude optimiser now shows correct altitudes again
  • Use own ship as ADS-B pressure altitude reference
  • Improvements to the accuracy of Smart Airfields search results
  • Fixed a satellite zoom issue for a future iOS
  • New installs now show AD & ALA overlays by default
  • Updated MetFlight URL to use HTTPS

OzRunways EFB v10.3

New: LSALT Assistant (Australian Premium subscribers & iOS 13+)

  • The LSALT Assistant depicts the tallest obstacle and terrain – inside the selected splay – on the map
  • Calculates and presents LSALT options for obstacle and terrain (plus buffers), Grid LSALT, and Route LSALT
  • Back and forward buttons to move between legs
  • Terrain Overlay gives a visual indication of terrain relative to selected LSALT
  • To open the LSALT Assistant: tap a route leg so it turns yellow, and then tap the splay shaped icon in the Right Sidebar

New: Terrain Overlay (Premium subscribers & iOS 13+)

  • The Terrain Overlay is a visualisation tool. It provides a coloured overlay of terrain on top of the selected map, dynamically updated based on relative GPS altitude
  • Turn the Terrain Overlay on/off in Map View Options

Other fixes, updates, and improvements

  • New Cursor option to show terrain elevation (Premium subscribers)
  • Improved Ruler design and added ability to select units for distance, bearing, and course (long press on ruler for options)
  • PDF Pack now selects charts within +/-1 hour of entire flight duration only. Improved formatting of NOTAMs and weather briefings
  • Added printer footer to plan sheet and generated PDF pack to include print time
  • Better waypoint prioritisation in Closest Points popup
  • Rocket Box preference moved to Map View Options
  • Plan Sequencer now correctly updates when adding/removing points in plan
  • Increased touch radius for tapping on route legs, making them easier to tap
  • Improved Quick Plan waypoint selection/suggestion
  • Fixed an issue where OzRunways could report incorrect altitude when using an ADS-B receiver containing a barometer
  • Fixed an icon size issue in Quick Plan list
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when deleting waypoints from the plan sheet in succession
  • Fixed an issue where ADS-B traffic may correct for QNH twice
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent saving a database backup
  • Fixed an issue where having a leg of 0 distance would ignore altitude change
  • Fixed an issue where the download indicator in Settings wouldn't update when changing regions
  • Fixed an issue where rows in the plan sheet had troubles changing values when in edit mode
  • Fixed an issue where waypoint icons may not be completely centred on the map where there is multiple lines of text