OzRunways v10.2

OzRunways EFB v10.2.1

  • Preparations for NAIPS AIP ENR1.10 update (additional Polar, Desert, Maritime, Jungle fields)
  • Fix for sharing plans with invalid characters in name
  • Fixed: default refuel amount now applies correctly on plan sheet again
  • Fixed: 'New inverted plan' option now correctly inverts plan again
  • Fixed: GPS HUD XTK value now displays correct units
  • Fixed an issue with ozwpt:// URLs not opening
  • Show decimal keypad for fuel price entry on iPhone
  • Removed requirement for case sensitive waypoint codes in Quick Planner

OzRunways EFB v10.2.0

New Features

Plan Progress box
Replaces the old Plan Progress box that appeared underneath the GPS HUD. Available on new map screen layout only.

  • Turn on/off using dedicated button on Right Sidebar (only shown when in a plan)
  • Displays last passed waypoint & time, ETA to the active waypoint, and next landing point ETA
  • Left & right arrows to sequence plan back and forwards
  • Floating box, can be moved anywhere on the screen

Great Circle everything

  • New styling for planned track line & rocket boxes on the map
  • New, easier to read, Grid LSALT styling
  • Route legs follow great circle curvature, rocket boxes show initial bearing and great circle distance
  • GPS HUD distance & bearing information now shows great circle details
  • LSALT splays drawn to follow great circle legs
  • Improved TOD point calculations and display
  • Previous/passed route legs are greyed out
  • Horizontal Terrain view shows the cross section of terrain and air space following the great circle line
  • When ‘rubber banding’, line will follow great circle as dragged
  • Ruler: distance & bearings are in great circle (but still drawn as straight line)

Improvements, changes & fixes

  • Closest Points (tap on map) → Wx/Notams now supports fallback to offline SmartBrief cache (Australia only)
  • HSI wind speed / direction now updates live based on planned aircraft TAS
  • Updated HSI labels to match aircraft GPS such as DTK, TRK and CRS
  • Fixed a stability issue for System Settings
  • Implemented a trick to make NAIPS accept user waypoint to user waypoint plans
  • W&B Lateral arm column now shown again in envelope setup
  • Default start/refuel amount now included in aircraft export/duplication
  • Fixed radial range user waypoints not being recognised correctly in planning
  • CSV export no longer adds space between commas
  • Fixed an issue where user entered fuel price wouldn't update immediately
  • Fixed HUD box not resizing correctly when using iPad split screen function
  • Fixed a case where NAIPS radial/range destinations didn't use ZZZZ
  • Disable retina map tiles on slower devices
  • Fixed issue with Horizontal Terrain View not showing all altitudes in planning mode
  • Changed fuel plan summary calculation in plan overview to be based on climb, cruise, AWK & taxi
  • Fixed an issue where custom waypoints weren’t being recognised properly
  • Removed dot from radial range waypoints where navaid type is added on (this fixes a NAIPS submission issue)
  • Fixed: mbtiles maps now work again
  • Improved calculations for DirectFrom
  • Fixed issue where the rocket box setting did not work as expected
  • Show waypoint in Notification Form route list if backing on itself (IFIS)
  • Removed obstacle type waypoints from Closest Points popup
  • Air routes are now joined back together when removing intermediate waypoints (e.g. a DirectFrom)
  • Fixed a map download issue for whitelisted/blacklisted maps in Dashboard
  • Fixed seconds rounding down rather than to the nearest for coordinate format (DDMMSS)
  • SmartBrief shows errors more aggressively once data is over 24 hours old
  • Changed "Terminal Area Forecast" to "Aerodrome Forecast" in line with the Bureau of Meteorology
  • Fixed an issue where MGRS coordinates would not display in some cases
  • Fixed NZTM tumblers & northing easting order issue
  • Fixed NZTM preference (on/off) not working
  • Minimum operating system requirement is now iOS 12