OzRunways v10.1

OzRunways EFB v10.1.9

  • Holding fuel now only subtracted from landing route segment, not alternate
  • Minimum variable fuel reserve no longer applied to alternate leg
  • Fixed fuel cell colouring (orange when running into fixed reserve, red when at or below 0 fuel remaining)
  • Fixed an issue where editing User Waypoint coordinates could incorrectly show an error
  • Fixed a bug that could cause stability issues when making and moving a User Waypoint on the main map
  • Fixed a stability issue for airfields documents shortcut
  • Fixed an issue where not all W&B configurations would show in the drop down menu in the planner

OzRunways EFB v10.1.8

  • Fix NAIPS flight notification submission form crash

OzRunways EFB v10.1.7

  • Increased accuracy when looking ahead for upcoming airspace frequencies (FIA/NXT HUD box)
  • Fixed stability issue when filing flight notifications to NAIPS

OzRunways EFB v10.1.6

  • Documents page: Added support for HTML, RTF, PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF, TXT file types
  • Added SmartBrief popup selector where multiple shapes overlap
  • Enable Detailed Performance table in aircraft profiles on iPhone
  • ADS-B Altitude: Use own ADS-B reported altitude in comparison with other traffic
  • Fixed an issue where in some circumstances plan distance calculations would fail
  • Fixed an issue where fuel calculations weren't stored in the plan summary
  • Improved accuracy of SmartBrief 'waypoints outside of region' warning
  • SkyEcho configuration options now only visible when SkyEcho connected
  • All User Waypoint types now shown in User Waypoint list

OzRunways EFB v10.1.5

  • Fixed alignment of waypoint overlays in Track Up mode

OzRunways EFB v10.1.4

  • New: Generate a weather & NOTAM PDF Pack for a flight. Available in Plan Details → Share/Export → PDF Pack
  • Allow plan sheet times to be set in the past
  • Plan sheet now includes approach and holding fuel in Fuel Remaining (FR) calculations
  • OzRunways Dashboard: Organisation logo can be set on printed plan sheet
  • Reverted "Remove from Plan" shortcut button back to "Add to plan" in Closest Points popup
  • Basic Brief now shows additional relevant charts to the plan
  • Fix Plan Sheet ETA & ALT tapping issues
  • Plan Sheet performance improvements
  • RAIM added to SmartBrief
  • Fix permissions error that could occur when importing files
  • Remove air route suggestions to custom waypoints
  • Fixed an issue where DCT from Quick Plan wouldn't always choose the closest point
  • Remove ‘windy.com’ preference for iPhone, new map screen has both windy.com and weather radar button
  • Miscellaneous stability & performance improvements

OzRunways EFB v10.1.3

  • Fixed an issue where Horizontal Terrain view was not updating on new map screen
  • Added a toggle in Traffic Popup for "Share callsign" (if disabled)
  • Dismiss the Waypoint Detail screen when pressing “Direct To”
  • Fixed iOS 11 & 12 iPhone issue with keyboard on Traffic pop up
  • Fixed an issue where Quick Plan would potentially give incorrect air routes for custom waypoints
  • Fixed Traffic Popup not updating on text field change
  • Improve toolbar contrast on iOS 11
  • Adjust shadow and blur for custom organisation icons on map to closer match stock
  • Fixed an issue where change in organisation may not update org database until app re-launch
  • Clear organisation NAIPS credentials when account is removed from organisation

OzRunways EFB v10.1.2

  • Fixed an issue where destination waypoint would not preserve altitude when changing plan using "Direct To"
  • Fixed an issue where camera icons wouldn't appear when changing to/from new map screen layout
  • Fixed an issue where KML overlays could be be incorrectly displayed as not downloaded
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when printing plan sheet
  • Show APT frequency where no CTAF frequency exists
  • Fix graphical glitch in SmartBrief GPWT when zooming
  • Minimum iOS version set to 11.4
  • Stability Improvements

OzRunways EFB v10.1.1

  • New remove from plan shortcut button shown when waypoint is in plan
  • Improved caching and printing of weather charts
  • Fix issue where pressing direct to could freeze the app
  • NAIPS Export: 3 digit distances on radial/range waypoints in DLE/ and RMK/
  • Fix issue where user waypoint group selection toggle could be incorrectly selected

OzRunways EFB v10.1.0

Revamped map screen

  • Prompt on launch to switch to new map screen layout (new map screen can be enabled/disabled any time in Settings → Preferences)
  • New layout maximises useable map space, and brings all map screen options to the iPhone
  • New Toolbars are arranged around the screen in logical groupings, toolbar size can be adjusted
  • New 'Help' button, tap to show labels for all buttons on screen
  • Quicker access to KML Overlays, Cursor and Fuel Mode
  • Fuel prices shown on screen reflect fuel type used for the currently selected aircraft profile
  • Single touch map zooming: double tap and hold, then swipe up/down with finger to zoom

Improvements & fixes

  • Track pointer settings moved to Own Ship Position options
  • Added support for Organisation Waypoint groups (Dashboard)
  • 'Drop Marker / Man Overboard' waypoints now show HH:mm:ss time format
  • Improvements to Quick Plan reliability on older devices
  • Organisation waypoints (Dashboard) can have elevation
  • Added full screen weather camera images, tap on the large image to make even bigger, supports zoom and pan
  • Dimming control remembered during app session and restored on device wake
  • Better document fitting for approach plates on all screen sizes and orientations
  • Use last landing point, not last alternate, for 'ETA Last' in the GPS HUD
  • Fixed an issue which caused some GPS HUD boxes to display blank when using certain external GPS receivers
  • Fixed bug where some fields in aircraft profile couldn't be cleared
  • Fixed incorrect column hidden in Lateral envelope setup (W&B). Lon now hidden instead of Wt.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple documents for the same AD couldn't be distinguished on Airfields bookmark bar
  • Prioritise ADS-B traffic on top of OzRunways traffic bubbles
  • More information is now included in emails sent to support from Settings → Email Support to aid troubleshooting
  • Draw airspace info boxes on top of other map info (e.g. range rings) for better readability when selected
  • VFC waypoints now use hollow square symbol on map
  • Show close button on airfields tab weather pop over on iPhone
  • Improve contrast for bright custom waypoint colours
  • Fix some popovers not dismissing when 'Disable Background Tap to Dismiss' is enabled
  • Fixed date display on plan detail screen
  • Fixed an issue where aircraft wouldn’t be displayed at correct altitude in the Horizontal Terrain viewer
  • Fix issue where custom waypoint screen could lose changes when moving satellite view pin
  • Minor fix to prevent swiping on pop over backgrounds
  • Fix issue where editing a row becomes impossible during flight on Plan Details view
  • Fixed an issue where Public Notes was not appearing on Airfields page on iOS 11 & 12
  • Fixed: don’t delete active Direct To legs when deleting waypoints from a plan
  • Double map resolution displayed for clearer maps
  • NAIPS region adjusted to include all of PNG
  • Reliability improvements to SkyEcho integration for displaying and setting call signs
  • 'Exclude own ADS-B signal' now works correctly
  • Added option to use personal NAIPS account for weather fetching (Settings → Integrations)
  • Added the ability to set Nickname from notes screen
  • Fix Airfields page crash that could occur when changing plans when a plate is active
  • Fixed an issue where switching maps may not occur reliably
  • Fixed an issue where adding a two point plan under IFR mode may not calculate details at first
  • Fixed an issue where plan sheet may become unstable on long plans
  • Various other minor fixes and performance improvements