OzRunways v10.0

OzRunways EFB v10.0.4

  • Aircraft track vector on iPhone now shows 1NM markers
  • Fixed a bug in iOS14 date picker not allowing selection above 12 o'clock
  • Downloading individual maps now also auto-downloads associated legend file
  • Fixed incorrect icons being shown for NDB waypoints in lists
  • Fixed layout issues with plan spreadsheet
  • Fixed IFR routes not adding correctly to plan via tap-on-map planning
  • Various minor fixes and improvements

OzRunways EFB v10.0.3

  • Traffic bubbles now show climbing/descending indicators, and groundspeed (when tapped)
  • Fixed an issue with ETD export to NAIPS form when AWK set in plan
  • Organisation help message (when set) is shown in Settings → Subscriptions

OzRunways EFB v10.0.2

  • Better support for Background App Refresh
  • Fixed Flight Log replay button layout issue
  • Improved ADS-B hardware support in iOS14
  • User & organisation Imported PDFs now appear on Airfields page
  • General bug fixes and performance enhancements

OzRunways EFB v10.0.1

  • Improved reliability of downloads system
  • Fixed NZ Map Legends for Enterprise Dashboard users
  • Fixed date picker layout issue on iPhone
  • Improved reliability of Airfields page

OzRunways EFB v10.0.0

New Download System

  • Introduced automatic download options. New/amended data can be automatically downloaded on app startup, overnight, or both
  • Choose data ‘Groups’ to download e.g. Australia now has a VFR group and an IFR group
  • Status badge on Settings button indicates download status (up-to-date, downloading, or error). Also indicates if a subscription is about to expire and should be renewed before flying
  • Old files are now automatically deleted to save on storage space
  • New Storage bar gives a quick indication of storage space remaining

Learn more about the New Download System by visiting our User Documentation

Improved ‘Waypoint Details’ view

  • Redesigned waypoint detail screen, showing more detailed information including: runway diagram, windsock (showing METAR wind where available), and other coordinate systems
  • Added the ability to favourite an AD/ALA/HLS from the waypoint detail screen
  • ‘Public Notes’ screen refreshed with a new, cleaner layout
  • Bigger satellite map pop over, ability to toggle between satellite map/road map/hybrid (for User Waypoints the pin can still be repositioned in this view)
  • Fuel price is now accessed in the ‘Waypoint Detail’ view
  • Documents view now matches Smart Airfields

User Waypoint Improvements

  • Choose User Waypoint icon colour on a per-waypoint basis (iOS/iPadOS 14+)
  • Added Elevation, Frequency and Notes fields for User Waypoints
  • New coordinate input options, choose from different Decimal Degrees, DD MM SS, DD MM.m, UTM, NZTM, MGRS. Most coordinate types can be pasted into the field and will be automatically detected and converted.
  • Group can now be selected from an existing list by tapping on the drop down, or type in a new Group name in the field

Map Page Improvements

  • Visual improvements to waypoint icons on map page (improved readability, and better looking!)
  • When enabled, fuel type (Avgas, Jet A1, Mogas) is now displayed underneath waypoints instead of price. Pricing information is now available via the Waypoint detail screen (e.g. tap on map)

Other Changes

  • Waypoints can be opened directly from the plan overview screen by tapping on the waypoint and selecting 'View'
  • Lat/Lons added via quick plan can now be modified and saved as a User Waypoint in plan
  • Personal callsign field added to pilot profile, when set used in NAIPS and IFIS submission forms
  • Documents page now remembers the last document opened
  • Documents page 'Download All' now recursively downloads content inside sub-folders
  • LSALT splay no longer shown when no plan is active
  • LSALT grid now shown around aircraft when no route segment is selected (when Show LSALT is turned on)
  • NAIPS export: Air routes are split up if AWK is added to a waypoint in the middle of the route
  • NAIPS export: support plans where destination is a point on the air-route
  • NAIPS export: don't submit '.VOR' types in descriptions of waypoints into RMK/DLA fields
  • IFIS submissions, remove VFR only option for IFR plans
  • Corrections for external GPS devices reporting WGS84 altitude using local QNH to get AMSL
  • Display info 'i' for KML Overlays. Useful for attribution text
  • Aircraft profiles export now includes OPR, SUR, CODE, COM, SEL, and ICAO Address fields
  • Prioritise taps on AD / ALA / HLS icons to bring up airfield info rather than enlarge traffic icons (when tapping close to airfields)
  • Fix Range Rings on iPhone not saving manually entered numbers in the text field
  • Change Preferences text to 'Double-tap or long-press HUD'
  • Fixed an issue where uppercase document file extension wouldn’t load in document viewer (user or company loaded documents)
  • Fix for Traffic status momentarily falsely reporting ADS-B IN receiving after waking up from sleep
  • Aircraft profile > W&B 'Lateral' envelope row, hide 'Wt' (weight) column, which is not required & confusing
  • Map chooser popup now highlights OpenStreetMap the same way as others when selected
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a User Waypoint used in a plan could cause problems
  • iOS/iPadOS 13+ now uses native pop over screens. Preference added to disable dismissing these pop overs by background tap or swipe away gesture
  • Fixed an issue where unable to toggle Dinghies Covered Yes/No in aircraft profile
  • Fixed an issue where selecting performance and wake category on aircraft profile wasn't possible
  • Fixed an issue where RNAV approach waypoints could duplicate
  • Fixed an issue with ADS-B ICAO checker (check was missing ‘3’)
  • Change 'Empty: ' weight label to the more correct 'ZFW: ' in weight and balance
  • Rename 'Geotaxi' to 'Own Ship Position' on Airfields page cogs menu
  • Adjust date selectors for iOS/iPadOS 14. Plan departure date uses the new calendar view
  • Fixed an issue where 'TRK' GPS HUD box showed compass degrees True (instead of Magnetic heading value) when < 10kts speed
  • Fixed an issue where main plan notes could unintentionally clear
  • Fixed TAS interpolation issue in aircraft detail performance
  • Peer to Peer downloads support discontinued
  • Removed “Global” region and integrated the data into existing regions
  • General performance and stability improvements