GPS / Location problems

If you have a WiFi-only iPad you will need to buy a Cellular (3G/4G) iPad or purchase an external GPS receiver (see below), or an ADS-B Receiver with an internal GPS. Several customers have reported good success with Dual XGPS150A & there’s a new Garmin out that uses GPS + GLONAS. The ‘Bad Elf’ plug-in GPS’s have also reported to work well.

If you aren’t getting a GPS signal on your iPad 3G/4G (or with an external bluetooth GPS), then most likely you have location services turned off. Go into your iPad Settings and find “Location Services” (usually under 'Privacy'). Make sure OzRunways is set to ON ('While Using the App' or 'Always') and Precise Location is ON.

If you still haven’t got a GPS lock, make sure you have a good signal. Unlike the Google Maps app which accepts any fix (good or bad), OzRunways only accepts a good fix (around 10-30m accuracy). Try going outside. Heated windows on aircraft sometimes block the GPS signal too. Having a 3G or 4G mobile connection will help you get a faster fix, but it’s not required. Telstra have the best mobile coverage in Australia.

Also try killing OzRunways from background, then loading it up again (reported fixing one person with a bluetooth GPS):

From one user who had problems connecting to Garmin GLO, he reported that if it had previously paired with an iPhone, he needed to tell the iPhone to “forget” the GPS or it wouldn’t connect to the iPad, even though the iPhone was in airplane mode. Strange!

A user with problems connecting Bad Elf Pro reported that a fix for iOS6 connection problems is to turn OFF location-services in iPad Settings->Privacy, then reboot the iPad, then turn ON location-services.

Somebody also suggested to force the iPad into using the external bluetooth GPS, to put the iPad into Airplane Mode, then turn bluetooth ON and connect the GPS. This will turn OFF the internal GPS (and also save some battery).

One more solution somebody offered was to kill Google Maps from running in the background which fixed a particular problem.

Another found a Dual XGPS that wouldn't connect was fixed by "resetting network settings" on the iPad which made it connect again properly. 

Here's the advice direct from the 'Dual' manufacturer:

"XGPS150 issues with the iOS6 please turn off Location Services for all apps, reboot iPad, iPhone or iTouch and then turn on Location Services."

OzRunways asks the iPad for a GPS position of 'GPS' level accuracy. The iPad then starts sending positions to OzRunways with an estimated error (normally around 10m). We have zero control over how the iPad gets the position, whether internal GPS, GLONASS, external GPS, etc. The iPad does all the heavy-lifting and decides on what source to use and simply sends OzRunways a lat+lon+error. That's it! We have zero control over this, so any GPS issues are between the iPad and the bluetooth GPS, so the next step is to hassle the GPS maker about why it doesn't connect! Tell them OzRunways is asking for kCLLocationAccuracyBest.

If you are worried the GPS is killing battery life in the background you can:
(a) Turn off GPS logging in OzRunways → Settings → Logs 

(b) Kill OzRunways from background when not in use: