No Internet access when ADS-B receiver or avionics connected

Problem: You have connected a WiFi-based ADS-B Receiver or other avionics and the iPad is no longer connected to the internet over the cellular network and is no longer receiving Ozrunways Traffic.

Solution: This is generally caused by the ADS-B device's WiFi configuration advertising a "router" (or gateway) that the iPad will try to use to connect to the internet, obviously without success.

Some vendors have rectified this issue in later firmware versions, so make sure you first update your device to the latest version. If that doesn't fix the problem, it would help to contact the vendor and explain the issue. It may help to include a link to this page.

For vendors that have not made this change, to make the iPad use the cellular network again for internet while still being connected to the external device, the wifi network can be manually configured.

Step 1: go to Settings > Wifi on the iPad and tap the blue (i) icon for the connected network.

Step 2: Note the IP Address and Subnet Mask values. Then tap on Configure IP.

Step 3: Tap on manual and enter the IP Address and Subnet Mask values from step 2. Do not enter any value for RouterNote: If connecting multiple devices to the receiver, each needs a unique IP address. Instead of the one shown, the final number (behind last dot) can normally be substituted with any number from 2-253.

Step 4: Save the changes and go back to the main WiFi screen. You will now have the No Internet Connection warning below the network name and the WiFi icon in the top-left corner of the screen will have been replaced by the normal 3G/4G/LTE indicator.

Note: This is only necessary once per iOS device; these setting will be re-used when you reconnect unless you do "forget this network".