Importing Custom Waypoints

If you wish to import a set of custom waypoints in to RWY for Android, simply follow these steps:

  1. create a spreadsheet with all the waypoints in it, saved as a .csv file. See the attached file for an example of the format needed.

  2. Send this file to your Android device. There are many ways to do this - Email

  3. Google Drive

  4. Dropbox etc.

  5. On your Android device, select the file and choose 'Open in RWY' (NB: if your file settings do not show this option you will need to change the associations through Settings>Applications. Contact Google for assistance with this step

  6. The file should open in RWY and prompt youth save the waypoints

RWY will also allow you to export your saved waypoints in to a CSV file. If you are getting stuck with creating your own data set, a good starting point can be to create a user waypoint in RWY, then export this to a CSV file which you can edit. Go RWY>Settings>User Waypoint Catalog>Export to file (breadcrumb icon, top right).

Attached Files