Which Android device should I buy?


Unlike iPads, you don't need to buy a tablet with a cellular modem to get built in GPS, but that doesn't mean all of them have GPS, so check carefully. While cheaper tablets can be found and they do run RWY, they are generally slower and have a much shorter battery life. Less well equipped devices will not run RWY adequately in all cases. Purchasing a high spec device is highly recommended.

With that in mind here are the minimum device specifications we recommend you consider when purchasing a tablet to run RWY:

  • 16GB of internal storage if using an SD card as well, or 32GB internal storage if not using an SD card
  • Android version 8.0 or higher

    Although RWY will run on Android versions 8.0 and above, we suggest purchasing a tablet with the latest Android OS to future proof your device.

  • Consider cellular (3G/4G) capability

    To use some of RWY's features such as the ability to see other OzRunways Traffic while flying on your device, you will require cellular capability.

  • Consider GPS capability

    Not all Android tablets have a GPS receiver, including many of the Lenovo models easily available at major Australian retailers. So check this carefully when considering tablets other than the recommended Samsung model.

Samsung is the logical choice at the moment as no other manufacturer is as dedicated to Android tablets.

Buy one online or in an electronics store, not in combination with a cellular plan. Carriers often also add their own extras and you may not get Android updates that those who bought the stock-device do.

We currently recommend:

  • Samsung Tab S The Tab S series has always been top of the line, and anything 7th generation (Tab S7) or newer will work well. Tab S6 Lite and S7 FE are great value devices.
  • Samsung Tab A is another option for an entry level device, bearing in mind Samsung release new versions of this without changing the name, unlike the S series. So a 2017 model isn't as up to date as a 2019 one!

Currently the minimum supported version of Android OS is 8.0 or above.
Google releases a new major version of Android every year, and we expect to increase our minimum supported version somewhat in line with this.