Installing OzRunways on iPad or iPhone

Installing OzRunways is no different from any other application.

Tap the App Store icon on your home screen then tap the Search button at the bottom right. Type "ozrunways" in the search box and tap Search.

In the list of applications, tap where it says Get.

OzRunways will now download and install.

After you launch it, you will have the option to begin a one-month free trial.

If you have an existing subscription, choose 'Existing'. Otherwise start a new trial. 

You can transfer your user data (plans, aircraft profiles, pilots and waypoints) from an existing iPad using the backup and restore process demonstrated in this video:

1. To export: Go into OzRunways settings → Data Management → Click the icon to the right of 'Backup User Data' → Save it to a location of your choice (email, files, dropbox).

2. To Import: Locate the saved file → Click to open in OzRunways → Click 'Import' on popup notification.