Can OzRunways be used in lieu of paper?

CASA has issued OzRunways an approval as Data Service Provider under CASR Part 175.295 

Latest revision: CASA.175DSP.0002 Revision 5 Valid until 01Mar2025

This covers OzRunways (iOS), RWY (Android), RWY Check (both), and Electronic Charts for MFD's. Regions YMMM and YBBB FIR's.

This means that you can legally use aeronautical information supplied by OzRunways as a replacement for traditional paper products.

Private Operators:

Only need a copy of OzRunways with all of the required documents downloaded. The iPad needs to be readily accessible (charged, documents downloaded, subscription in-date). Airmanship considerations apply to whether a backup is needed. We recommend taking a backup device on all flights in case of hardware failure.

Company (AOC) Operators:

Need to add EFB's to their Ops Manual and comply with additional legislation regarding backups, EFB Administrator position, mounting and more. Read CASA advisory publications for guidance on how to integrate with your operations.

CASA Guidance material: